Fall 2023’s Biggest hairstyles Trends

You never forget the excitement of the first day of school, no matter how long ago it was. Was there ever a more stressful day than that? So much care went into that single day, from locating the proper notebooks to selecting the perfect attire. While we are no longer purchasing school supplies to commemorate the end of summer, we never lose the desire to have a new look for the new season. Having the appropriate fall haircut is a big part of that.

The biggest haircut trends for Fall 2023 have something for everyone. With a snip of scissors, you can have an entire hair makeover—think shaving it off into a shag—or just an update on your style. Birkin bangs are still popular, so now could be the moment to add that fringe you've been eyeing. There are also plenty of additional good bang possibilities to explore.

We went directly to the pros for their opinion on the season's top haircut trends for fall 2023. They not only shared the greatest haircuts, but they also demonstrated how to style them.

Supermodel Cut hairstyles

"Say goodbye to blunt ends because layers are in this fall," says Dove styling partner Clayton Hawkins. "An evolution of the butterfly cut from 2022, this '90s Supermodel Cut is all about bounce." Now is the time to channel your inner Cindy Crawford."

Supermodel Cut hairstyles are the epitome of timeless elegance and modern sophistication. Known for their sleek and effortlessly chic appeal, these cuts accentuate facial features and create a flattering frame for the face. With clean, precise lines and a perfect balance of volume and texture, the Supermodel Cut is versatile, suitable for a range of hair types and lengths. Whether it's a classic bob with a contemporary twist, or a layered, shoulder-length cut, this style exudes confidence and class, making it a go-to choice for those looking for a sophisticated yet low-maintenance look.

Supermodel Cut hairstyles

Shaggy Pixie Cut hairstyles

Why not combine the shag and pixie, which are both popular hairstyles? "The shaggy pixie cut is a bold and edgy haircut that has gained popularity due to its low maintenance and effortless styling," Artem Soshyn, master hair stylist and colorist at Warren Tricomi Salon NYC, explains. "It offers a playful and modern look."
Soshyn suggests using molding clay to dried hair and shaping it with your fingertips to achieve this effect. To add volume and definition, use a flexible, light-hold hair spray.

Shaggy Pixie Cut hairstyles

Birkin Bangs hairstyles

You can usually count on a pumpkin spice latte and a new bangs trend every fall. "Different styles of fringe always come in and out of style (I'm looking at you, early 2000s side bangs), but this fall the girls are loving the Jane Birkin bang," Hawkins said. "This brow-skimming bang is ideal for exuding an effortless French-girl vibe." "All year, Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera have been killing it with the Birkin bangs."
The Birkin Bangs hairstyle is a chic and timeless look that pays homage to the iconic style of Jane Birkin. This effortlessly cool hairdo features wispy, feathered bangs that frame the face delicately, exuding a touch of French-inspired elegance and nonchalant charm. The soft, face-framing layers add a subtle sophistication to any outfit, making it a versatile choice for various occasions. This style effortlessly complements different face shapes and hair textures, making it a go-to option for those seeking a low-maintenance yet sophisticated look. It's a classic choice that never goes out of fashion, effortlessly adding a touch of vintage allure to any modern ensemble.

Birkin Bangs hairstyles

Mega Volume hairstyles

It's time to turn the volume up! Consider having long hair with shorter layers. "I believe that for this season, those with long hair should have shorter layers than we have done in previous years," says Ric Pipino, celebrity stylist at Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salon. "The shorter layers should be lightened up more, but not to the point where it lays flat." After layering the hair, especially the shorter layers, I always utilize a technique I call 'pointing.' I use my little cutting scissors to highlight the base of the layers to give the hair lift and volume, resulting in huge hair."

Mega Volume hairstyles

Textured Lob hairstyles

This fall, the lob will be given new life. "This is a very trendy haircut that has gained popularity for its ability to add movement and dimension to medium-length hair," Soshyn said. "It has a youthful and fresh appearance." This haircut flatters most face shapes, but especially square and round faces." Apply a sea salt spray on damp hair and scrunch it to achieve this look.

Textured Lob hairstyles

Chin-Skimming Bob hairstyles

"The chin-skimming bob is the bob of the fall," adds Hawkins. "Unlike previous lobs or shoulder-hitting cuts, this bob is unapologetically a bob." This is the type of haircut that, when done correctly, can transform you from cute to drop-dead gorgeous. This style looks great on hair of all lengths and types, whether it's bone straight or curly or coily. It's all about achieving that razor-sharp, jaw-skimming chop."
Hawkins cites Elizabeth Olsen and Rachel Zegler as stylish examples of this style. Everyone wants to shine, whether their hair is wavy or straight. "Again, my holy-grail product for the fall is my Brilliant Gloss and Repair Serum," he said. "The shine and gloss produced by this product will make any bob stand out."

Chin-Skimming Bob hairstyles

Long Layers and Face-Framing Highlights hairstyles

This style will give your long locks an autumn 2023 refresh. "This is a timeless and versatile option that has gained popularity for its ability to add depth and dimension to long hair," Soshyn said. "It provides a natural, sun-kissed appearance." This haircut looks well on people with long hair and a variety of facial shapes, especially oval or round features. Apply a heat-protectant to damp hair before blow-drying with a large round brush to create volume. For a romantic appearance, add loose waves with a curling iron. To set the style, use a light-hold hair spray."

Long Layers and Face-Framing Highlights hairstyles

Wide Curtain Bangs hairstyles

Wide bangs are a less wispy variant of the curtain bang. "Bangs are longer and wider on the face for the fall," Pipino said. "This means they're not as curved around the face, but have a more geometric angle to them, as well as a lot of gradation and slight layering." This generates a much stronger eye, and considerably more mascara and eyeliner may be required to accent the broader bangs."

Wide Curtain Bangs hairstyles

Blunt Bob With Curtain Bangs hairstyles

Having said that, classic curtain bangs aren't going away. "This a versatile and chic haircut that has gained popularity for its ability to frame the face and add softness," said Soshyn. "It adds a contemporary twist to the classic bob haircut." This haircut complements various face shapes, but especially those with oval or heart-shaped faces." For a smooth finish, apply mousse to damp hair and blow-dry with a round brush. To add texture, use a flat iron or curling iron to create tiny waves. Finish with hair spray for a lived-in appearance.

Blunt Bob With Curtain Bangs hairstyles

The Hush Cut hairstyles

The "hush cut" is a hairstyle that originated in Korea and is characterized by bangs and layers. It's perfect for people with naturally straight or slightly wavy hair (or who style their hair in this manner). The weight of the hair is predominantly on the top of the head with the hush cut, allowing for more movement throughout the mid-length and ends.

The Hush Cut hairstyles

Butterfly hairstyles

A butterfly haircut may be just what you need if you've been wanting to cut your hair short but aren't quite ready to commit. Shorter layers frame the face, creating volume and the appearance of shorter hair, whilst longer layers sit below the shoulders. Sunnie Brook, a Biolage global ambassador, designed the look and told Hair.com, "Anyone can try this cut, but it's best for wavy or curly hair."

Butterfly hairstyles

The soft bob hairstyles

The soft bob is a looser, more relaxed version of the standard, more structured bob. It lets you to embrace your hair's flow and texture without the straight, crisp lines that we generally associate with a bob haircut. This cut looks great if you have some natural wave in your hair, and it also adds texture and movement to fine hair.

The soft bob hairstyles

Long layers hairstyles

Shorter hairstyles are becoming popular in 2023, but long, layered locks will never go out of style. Layers offer body and movement to long hair, and they look especially good on hair that already has some natural wave or texture. They're also simple to care for, look wonderful when grown out, and provide you with a variety of styling options.

Long layers hairstyles

Chanel haircut

The Chanel bob, a modern variation on Coco Chanel's iconic bob, is often cut blunt at chin length or slightly longer, and has a lot of movement. This style features a deep side part and is frequently coupled with bangs that give it a Parisian vibe. Its simplicity makes it very gorgeous and sleek, but what makes it even more appealing is how minimal maintenance it is.

Chanel haircut

Octopus haircut

This cut will offer you lots of layers and volume on top with longer, layered sections that fall on or below your shoulders, loosely resembling the shape of the sea creature it's named after. The octopus cut is the newest take on the shag and mullet that have recently dominated trends, and it not only looks beautiful but is also easy to wear because it doesn't require a lot hair shaping.


Fall 2023's Biggest Haircut Trends offer an array of exciting options for those seeking a fresh, stylish change. From timeless classics to contemporary innovations, this season's trends cater to diverse preferences and hair textures, ensuring there's something for everyone. Whether you opt for a sleek bob, textured shag, or daring pixie cut, these trends promise to revitalize your look and elevate your style game with their versatility and flair.


What are the best haircut trends for Fall 2023?

Fall 2023 brings a diverse range of haircut trends, including sleek bobs, shaggy layers, and modern pixie cuts, catering to various style preferences and hair textures.

Are these haircut trends suitable for all hair lengths?

Yes, Fall 2023's haircut trends are designed to accommodate different hair lengths, offering options that work for short, medium, and long hair.

How can I maintain the style of these trendy haircuts?

To maintain the style of these trendy haircuts, it's essential to follow a consistent hair care routine, including regular trims, using suitable hair products, and consulting with a professional hairstylist for personalized tips.

Can I customize these haircut trends to suit my personal style?

Absolutely! Fall 2023's haircut trends can be customized to reflect your unique personality and preferences. You can discuss your ideas with a hairstylist to create a look that truly resonates with your individual style.

What hairstyles are ideal for special occasions during Fall 2023?

For special occasions during Fall 2023, elegant upstyles, braided beauties, and polished blowouts are some of the popular choices that can add a touch of glamour to your overall look.

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