Top 10 skin care mistakes

You can use the most expensive cosmetics , devote several hours of your time to skin care every day, but not get the desired result. Whatgroom will tell you why.

Top 10 skin care mistakes

Top 10 skin care mistakes

Why skin care may not work?

The skin is the largest organ in terms of area and performs the most important functions in the body. Of course, the processes taking place inside the body cannot but be reflected in its condition. It is also influenced by thousands of external factors. You can devote a lot of time to skin care and spend tons of cosmetics on it, but seeing in the mirror is far from what you would like. Even taking into account age, hereditary and other factors. The fact is that many of us make several mistakes that at first glance have nothing to do with the actual beauty of the skin. Unobvious doesn't mean unimportant.

What are these mistakes?

The condition of the skin reflects the state of health. If failures occur in the body, no cosmetics will help you look good. The quality and elasticity of the skin is negatively affected by lifestyle, namely: sleep, nutrition, bad habits.

 Lack of sleep 

You can't look good if you don't get enough sleep. Dark circles and bags under the eyes can be masked, but they can only be removed with the right sleep and rest regimen. In order to maintain the radiance of beauty, you need to sleep at least 7-9 hours daily, and at night.

Sleeping in the wrong position

It is also important not to sleep on your stomach: in this position, the skin on the face does not rest, it is worse supplied with blood. Sleeping "face into the pillow" causes not only swelling, but also ugly folds on the face. And you can't iron them out. High pillows are harmful to the skin on the neck: wrinkles appear from them. So: you need to sleep at night, at least 7 hours, preferably lying on your back, using a low pillow or without it at all.

Improper nutrition

No matter how hard you try to get good skin with external care, nothing will come of it as long as your diet is dominated by sweets, fatty and fried foods that are hard to digest, as long as you abuse spicy spices and canned food. Normalize your diet - and you will see how smooth and radiant the skin.

Abuse of rigid diets for weight loss

All express diets are extremely harmful to the skin. The lack of essential substances in the diet immediately affects the condition of the skin: it becomes lethargic, dry, loses its elasticity and healthy appearance. Express diets also have a very bad effect on hair and nails. In order not to harm the skin, you need to select moderate diets. Normal, not harmful weight loss - when you lose no more than 1.5 kg per week.

Bad habits: alcohol, smoking

You can joke as much as you like about the fact that "whoever does not smoke and does not drink will go to the crematorium in good health", but you still have to live to see the crematorium. And I want to live with good skin, clear eyes that do not need to be looked for in wrinkled bags, on a puffy face. Beauty is completely incompatible with bad habits . If all these errors are not peculiar to you, pay attention to other points.

Wrong choice of cosmetics

The skin of any person has individual characteristics, and skin care cosmetics should be selected taking them into account. It may not be the most expensive and prestigious: it is not the brand that matters, but the compliance with the needs of your skin. Often, women use cosmetics received as a gift, guided by the principle of "it's a pity to throw away." It's not the best choice. Use only what you yourself have chosen for your skin, and unnecessary bottles and jars can be donated or donated to charitable organizations. For some, they might fit.

Your cosmetics should be appropriate for age, skin type, climate and season.

Use of cosmetics after the expiration date

This is a very common mistake. You can bet a bucket of Chanel No. 5 that 90 women out of 100 will have an expired tube, palette or bottle in their cosmetic cabinet. This also applies to skin care, and especially to decorative cosmetics. If you want to keep your skin healthy, discard all expired beauty products immediately. It is very harmful to use “delay”, and not only because bacteria multiply over time in the old cream or mascara. Cosmetic components oxidize and change their properties, especially if they are stored in the wrong conditions.Make it a habit to check the expiration dates of cosmetics every six months, as you no doubt do with the contents of your first-aid kit. Natural cosmetics require special attention, as they have the shortest shelf life.

Not washed brushes and sponges for a long time

Alas, even those who do not forget to regularly replace their toothbrush with a new one can forget about the need to keep brushes and sponges clean for applying decorative cosmetics. As a result, harmful bacteria happily multiply on them - why not multiply in such heavenly conditions! And every time you apply makeup with dirty brushes, you are introducing millions of microorganisms onto your skin. Who are just waiting for this to arrange a volcanic pimple somewhere in the most visible place or cause irritation.

If you don't want to replace your brushes with new ones, wash them weekly with antibacterial soap and dry them well.

Too intense skin care

Measure should be in everything. Skin that requires gentle care may suffer from the abuse of cosmetic procedures. Do not overdo it with anything: neither with peeling and scrub, nor with masks and creams. Particular care should be taken to dose the use of products that contain active ingredients that require proper use. You should not think that the more funds you use at a time, the better the effect will be. It will be most correct to apply cosmetics of one line in accordance with the instructions. At least, this way there is less likelihood of incompatibility of substances that make up different cosmetic products.

Craving for experimentation 

You should not try on yourself everything that was within reach, including “homemade” cosmetics in the form of all kinds of masks of their improvised means. Perhaps your grandmother was suitable for a mask from what grew in the garden, but since then a lot of water has flowed. The skin of our contemporaries is exposed to much more intense influences and requires more gentle and scientifically based care .

Do not neglect the advice of a professional beautician before starting to use something new. The skin must be protected. In the end, it protects and decorates our one and only organism, with which we will have to live happily ever after with pleasure.

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