How to properly care for the skin of the face and body?

 The skin is constantly exposed to frost, sun, wind. Especially the skin of the face, because it cannot be protected with clothing. Therefore, she must be taken care of. And you have to do it regularly. How to properly care for the skin?

Skin on the face

What is essential for the skin? Cleanse, tone, nourish and moisturize.

The skin should be cleansed twice a day. Morning cleansing should be done with a gel or foam. In the evening, cleanse the skin of the face with cleansing milk, and then wash your face. This must be done daily. Moreover, after washing, you need to get your face wet, and not wipe it, so that microtrauma does not appear. You also need to tone your face every day. This is a necessary step. After all, the tonic removes the remnants of impurities and restores the acid-base balance of the skin. It is necessary to wipe the face with tonic along the massage lines. This procedure must also be carried out twice a day. Another important step is nutrition and hydration. Moisturizing provides the skin with elasticity, improves blood microcirculation, normalizes metabolic processes, and helps to better absorb nutrients. First of all, you need to drink enough clean water. It is very important. In addition, special moisturizers should be used. The most effective products are those that contain extracts of medicinal plants and algae, glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

As for nutrients, they help accelerate tissue regeneration and protect the skin. The components necessary for nutrition are amino acids, omega fatty acids, vitamins C, E, A and group B, essential oils and some minerals.

The cream should be applied 60-80 minutes before going outside in the morning and two hours before going to bed in the evening. The area around the eyes needs special products, ordinary creams will not work. If after twenty minutes the cream is not completely absorbed, you need to blot the excess with a napkin.

There is another important nuance. The skin needs to exfoliate dead cells. For this procedure, scrubs and peels should be used. It is necessary to do the procedure once or twice a week, not more often.

Body care

When it comes to body skin care, it's not too different.

Cleanse your skin daily in the morning and evening. Remove dead cells with scrubs should also be a couple of times within seven days. However, we must remember that the chest and abdomen need a more accurate and gentle cleansing. Therefore, for these parts of the body, it is better to use products with small particles.

Moisturize your body regularly. But in summer it is worth giving preference to light creams, but in winter and autumn it is better to choose natural oils or fatty creams, which include oils.

The skin should be nourished 1-3 times a week. You can choose products based on honey, oils, algae, dairy products, fruits or vegetables. It is useful to make masks and body wraps.

What else should be remembered? Massage and morning exercises are very useful. These procedures improve blood circulation, help keep blood vessels in good shape. And, of course, you need to eat right. Eat more fish, vegetables, cereals. Refuse junk food (fatty, salty, sweet). All this is necessary for the skin to be young and healthy.

How to take care of your skin: 10 basic rules

Here are 10 rules that you must always follow under any circumstances. And then your skin will look flawless.

How to take care of your skin: 10 basic rules

1. Proper diet

It is necessary to include   foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids in the daily menu . This substance is found in large quantities in fish and other seafood, and helps to make the skin more elastic and prevent the appearance of signs of aging. It is also important to limit your intake of sugar, as it forms harmful molecules in the body that lead to a weakened immune system and, as a result, the appearance of wrinkles.

2. Daily cleansing

Every day  , you should rid the skin of dead horny scales. This will help improve cell regeneration, making the face look younger. However, it should be noted that some scrubs may be too rough for sensitive areas. Therefore, for daily use, it is recommended to choose products that contain chemical exfoliants and glycolic acid. These components will gently remove old skin and help in the fight against wrinkles and pigmentation.

3. Using an eye cream

In this area, the skin is the most sensitive and delicate. In order to protect it, you should wear sunglasses in the hot season, as well as pick up a special cosmetic care - a moisturizer designed exclusively for the skin around the eyes. It is best to purchase two products - one for the night (with a thicker and more oily texture) and the other for the daytime look (light and  with SPF protection ). Those who suffer from frequent  swelling should keep the cream in the refrigerator and apply it chilled. This tool is a product rich in antioxidants that replenish collagen and elastin in connective tissues, and also protect against free radicals. The serum may also contain extracts of green tea, seaweed, grape seed and  vitamins  A, C and E. The product should be applied from the hairline to the décolleté to also moisturize the skin of the neck.

5. Moisture day + night

Dry skin can lead to premature wrinkles. In order to avoid these unpleasant consequences, you should use a moisturizer, which must be applied after cleansing the face and applying the serum. During the day, it is best to use a product with SPF protection and a lighter texture, and for the night, choose a product with retinol, a complex of vitamins and essential oils for the best cell regeneration.

6. Makeup for skin health

It is very important to choose cosmetic products with an additional effect, for example, in the fight against wrinkles, pigmentation , etc. In addition, many brands now create product lines that contain antioxidants and vitamins. Such makeup will not only look beautiful, but will also benefit the skin.

7. Protection of the face from hands

Makeup artists do not recommend applying makeup using the pads of your fingers, as this can spread bacteria and stretch the thin skin of your face, leading to wrinkles. It is best to use a cosmetic sponge for these purposes, it will not only prevent unpleasant consequences, but also save beauty products .

8. Half an hour to exercise

Conducted numerous studies prove the fact that regular facial exercises help the skin look younger, fresher and have a healthy appearance. When performing exercises, the heartbeat accelerates, which accelerates blood faster through the vessels of the face, nourishing the cells with useful substances.

9. The right set of procedures

The most effective cosmetic sessions are selected by specialists on an individual basis, based on the condition of the skin, the presence of wrinkles and their number, as well as other skin problems. Some drugs are designed to smooth the skin, thanks to injections, others “freeze” the muscles for up to six months, while the third fills the space with a special component, for example, the well-known hyaluronic acid. Only a professional cosmetologist will help you choose one of the many types of procedures .

10. Healthy sleep

If the body does not get enough time to rest, the production of the “stress hormone” - cortisol, begins, which in turn destroys skin cells. The best way to prolong the beauty and youthfulness of the face is to take time to sleep. At the same time, it is better to sleep in a supine position so that the pillow does not pull  the dermis , otherwise it can cause wrinkles. Ideally, you need to have a special orthopedic pillow in order to stay in the correct position during sleep.

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