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ESTP Entrepreneur

ESTP is a person who:

  • E (extraversion) - energized by new events, actions and people
  • S (sensorics) - values ​​facts and specifics
  • T (thinking) - operates with logic in decision making
  • P (perception) - prefers freedom and unpredictability.
ESTP personality type

ESTPs are thrill-seekers who can handle extreme situations effectively. They are dynamic, energetic, active and enterprising, they love to live and solve business. They are often referred to as Entrepreneurs for their ability to easily navigate their environment and make quick, informed decisions. Entrepreneurs are constantly on the lookout for adventures where they can shine.

According to the statistics of people with the ESTP type in the world:

4% of the total population
6% men
3% women

People with this personality type are great in emergency situations where they act like firefighters putting out fires, both real and metaphorical. They are focused on the result and on its immediate receipt, directing all their efforts to enjoy the present moment, and not to think about what could be. They do not like to talk about what will happen in the future, they do not tolerate theoretical reflections and abstract concepts. Solving practical problems is the greatest strength of Entrepreneurs.

They interact well with others, they are very sociable. The unstoppable energy and ingenuity of Entrepreneurs attracts other people. They joke, talk to friends, strangers, maintain a large network of contacts. They have a great sense of humor and are often the center of attention. With all the ability to easily find a common language with any person, Entrepreneurs are not kept in long-term relationships. They prefer to have a wide range of contacts, but are not interested in deepening relationships with one person.

ESTP entrepreneurs have an innate ability to pick up on other people's thoughts and motives. They are extremely perceptive and can easily detect the slightest changes in someone's facial expression, clothing, behavior. They are usually a couple of steps ahead of who they are talking to and use this ability to get what they need out of the situation.

They know how to enjoy the moment and strive to take the maximum. Drama, passion and physical pleasures are their constant companions in life. Some personality traits of Entrepreneurs can cause them to inadvertently hurt others. Since they are very direct and make decisions based on facts and logic rather than emotions, their words can easily hurt more sensitive people. At the same time, Entrepreneurs are very caring parents and family people.

Notable personalities of this type include:

Alexander the Great
Winston Churchill
Thomas Edison
The Rock

Entrepreneurs have the ability to observe and clearly assess the situation, which allows them to easily adapt and subordinate events to themselves. They not only work well, but also lead an interesting, active life. Usually ESTPs are in excellent physical shape, as they are fond of sports. They love to be the center of attention and enjoy being complimented.

Inspiring, persuasive and vibrant, Entrepreneurs are natural leaders, engaging others and bringing color and intrigue to life. For the fullness of life, they need constant energy replenishment in the form of new challenges filled with drive and adrenaline. They find such situations in business or in extreme sports.

Strengths of an ESTP Entrepreneur

1. Practicality.

Entrepreneurs are pragmatic people who take advantage of everything and know how to put into practice and monetize their skills. They are not interested in abstract ideas and concepts, but in practical results here and now.

2. Energy.

Real lively, Entrepreneurs are full of life, energy and are always ready to throw themselves into the pool headlong. Interact openly with other people. They enjoy accepting a challenge, trying new things, and putting their ideas into practice.

3. Openness and directness.

People with this personality type are open to communication and straightforward in their thoughts and views. They always say what they think, without hiding their emotions and thoughts.

4. Flexibility.

Entrepreneurs easily adapt to changes, find a way out of any situation, make decisions quickly, demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit and composure in a stressful environment.

5. Friendliness.

Connoisseurs of pleasure, they strive to maintain a pleasant atmosphere in the team and bring the brightness of life into everyday activities. They prefer to work in a team with responsible people.

6. Sociability.

Entrepreneurs easily build networks of acquaintances, establish contacts and maintain them.

Characteristics of Male ESTPs

Male ESTPs are charismatic, confident, and highly observant. They possess a natural leadership ability and are often seen as the life of the party. These men are direct in their approach and value efficiency and practicality in all aspects of life, including their relationships. They enjoy the thrill of new challenges and are known for their adventurous spirit. In relationships, male ESTPs are fun-loving, protective, and generous, often going out of their way to ensure their partner is having a good time. They seek partners who are independent, adaptable, and able to keep up with their active lifestyle.

Characteristics of Female ESTPs

Female ESTPs are dynamic, persuasive, and full of energy. They are confident and straightforward, often challenging traditional expectations with their assertive and adventurous nature. These women are highly adaptable and excel at thinking on their feet. In love, female ESTPs are passionate and lively, seeking partners who appreciate their boldness and who can share in their diverse interests and pursuits. They value relationships that are based on mutual respect, excitement, and the freedom to explore life to the fullest, together or independently.

ESTPs and Their Love Strategy

ESTPs approach love with the same boldness, enthusiasm, and action-orientation that they apply to all areas of their life. They are spontaneous and adventurous, often seeking partners who can match their energy and zest for life. ESTPs are drawn to relationships that are exciting and offer plenty of opportunities for new experiences. They value honesty, straightforward communication, and physical connection, showing their affection through actions rather than words. For ESTPs, love must include mutual respect, freedom, and the thrill of the chase; they thrive in dynamic relationships that allow both partners to maintain their individuality.

The Desires of an ESTP

ESTPs crave excitement, action, and the freedom to live life on their terms. In relationships, they seek partners who are not only companions but also fellow adventurers, willing to explore the world's many opportunities together. ESTPs desire a partnership that is grounded in mutual respect, intellectual stimulation, and physical attraction. They aspire to maintain their independence within a relationship, valuing partners who understand their need for space and spontaneity. Fulfillment for ESTPs comes from experiencing all that life has to offer, alongside someone who values their need for excitement and adventure.


Who should an ESTP marry?

An ESTP should marry someone who complements their dynamic nature and shares their love for adventure, such as ISFJ or ISTJ, offering a balance of spontaneity and stability.

Who are ESTPs most compatible with?

ESTPs are most compatible with partners who can match their energy and appreciate their straightforwardness, often finding good compatibility with ISFJ and ISTJ personalities, who provide the stability and support ESTPs appreciate.

What is an ESTP's soulmate?

An ESTP's soulmate is someone who embraces their adventurous spirit, shares their passion for life, and respects their need for independence, often found in ISFJ and ISTJ personalities.

Do ESTPs fall in love easily?

ESTPs may not fall in love easily as they value their freedom and enjoy the excitement of the chase, but when they do commit, it's with passion and loyalty.

What do ESTPs fall for?

ESTPs fall for confidence, intelligence, and a sense of adventure, valuing partners who are as active and straightforward as they are.

What makes an ESTP happy?

ESTPs find happiness in action-packed activities, new experiences, and overcoming challenges, alongside having the freedom to explore and enjoy life's spontaneities.

What makes an ESTP sad?

ESTPs become sad when they feel confined, bored, or unable to express their natural enthusiasm and drive for life, leading to feelings of restlessness or frustration.

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