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ESFP Soul of the company

An ESFP is a person who:

  • E (extraversion) - energized by new events, actions and people
  • S (sensorics) - values ​​facts and specifics
  • F (feeling) - trusts his feelings in making decisions
  • P (perception) - prefers freedom and unpredictability.
ESFP Personality type

ESFPs are practical, optimistic and independent people. They love spontaneity, variety, are easily fired up with new ideas, love and know how to come up with interesting entertainment and often inspire others around them. For their cheerful disposition, they can be called the Soul of the company.

Such people like to create creative chaos around, brainstorming situations that involve everyone present. Easily adapt to change and like to solve problems as they arise. Theoretical abstract information is perceived with difficulty, they prefer specifics.

However, please read this page to the end first to make sure the description actually describes you. You can recheck the type if necessary on this page .

According to the statistics of people with the ESFP type in the world:

9% of the general population
10% women
7% men

People with this type of personality are very observant and perspicacious, subtly feel the state of people, show an active interest and are always ready to help. They willingly share their secrets and experiences with them. The soul of the company is a great team player.

Excellent communicators, they quickly understand the needs of clients, customers and partners, and are always ready for a constructive dialogue. Criticism is perceived painfully and avoid criticizing others, because they are not interested in controlling people.

In work, they like to solve practical problems that give tangible results. They prefer to use a creative approach, not limited by clear recommendations, rules and deadlines. Often, carried away by one interesting thing, they put aside the less inspiring one. Have difficulty planning and meeting deadlines. People around them consider them windy, disorganized people who are only interested in entertainment.

Notable personalities of this type include:

Richard Branson
Paul McCartney
Philip Kirkorov
Elvis Presley
Eddie Murphy

It is very important for the soul of the company to be in the spotlight, they depend on praise and positive support. They are playful, open, humorous, attractive and artistic. Experience pleasure and enjoy every moment of life. They love freedom and communication, fill their lives with interesting hobbies, sports, and communication. They do not tolerate boredom and are able to create a holiday out of nothing.

Despite his cheerful disposition, the Soul of the company is a practical person. He loves material rewards and prefers to work on tasks that have tangible benefits.

The soul of the company is not inclined to think about his life plans and strategic issues, preferring to give himself up to momentary impulses.

Strengths of ESFP Soul of the company

1. Indefatigable energy.

People with this personality type are very active, cheerful, outgoing and energetic. The soul of the company is interested in life and other people, actively involved in everything that happens. They have a lot of energy and they are able to charge other people with it.

2. Flexibility.

The soul of the company, unlike other personality types, is always open to change and adventure. They are open to new ideas, willing to take risks, and embrace change with ease.

3. Reaction speed.

People with this personality type instantly assess the situation. They are masters at making quick and spontaneous decisions.

4. Friendliness.

The soul of the company is focused on other people, takes into account their needs, and is ready to promptly provide assistance. Have fun with them.

5. Ambition.

They have a good assessment of the surrounding situation, they experience an energy boost when working on interesting projects. The soul of the company enjoys challenging tasks and sees them as an opportunity to prove one's abilities.

How the "soul of the company" behaves in the crowd

Let's imagine a situation. You came to the party. And you see that everyone is sitting in their small groups, discussing something. Waiting for something or someone, maybe party inspiration. Doorbell. She flies - "The soul of the company." Cheerful, playful, with a bottle of champagne. Looking around, she says: “Why are we sitting, who are we waiting for?” Everyone quickly perks up and within five minutes the groups have united and are playing something very entertaining.

An hour later, you look around, and the “Soul of the Company” has evaporated. You find her on the balcony and ask: “What are you doing here?” And she replies that she got bored, which means there is nothing more to catch there. But now she will gladly talk to you alone. She seems to be interested again.

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