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ENTJ Commander

ENTJ is a person who:

  • E (extraversion) - energized by new events, actions and people
  • N (intuition) - likes to work with ideas and abstractions
  • T (thinking) - operates with logic in decision making
  • J (judgment) - prefers a structured and planned life.

ENTJs are natural born leaders who can lead and inspire to achieve a common goal. True Commanders are courageous, responsible, active and do not back down in the face of difficulties. A difficult task and a difficult goal are their natural choice. Warlords clearly see the future and strive to implement processes as efficiently as possible. People with this personality type approach each situation in terms of productivity. They always notice what can be improved, strive to optimize the work of processes and realize their vision.

Warlords have excellent analytical thinking, which allows them to see the future, notice bottlenecks and immediately develop long-term plans to realize their vision. They prefer to immediately implement ideas and not waste time on lengthy theoretical reflections.

According to the statistics of people with the ENTJ type in the world:

  • 2% of the total population
  • 3% of men
  • 1% women

Warlords are excellent communicators and enjoy communication. They value and respect people who are competent and able to argue their own point of view and consider weak those who are not capable of this. Despite their high intelligence and strategic thinking, they need the support of others to be truly effective. Even the most brilliant commander cannot win alone. Working together gives ENTJs the energy to achieve 100% results. Nothing gives them more pleasure in life than the realization of goals. The ability to influence people and motivate them to achieve results has a great influence on the success of the Commander.

Generals prefer to work in a team, take on the role and responsibility of a leader or manager, and organize processes and people to achieve personal and company goals. People with this personality type are focused on corporate careers. Perseverance, stubbornness, focus on results and leadership qualities allow them to be successful in business, move towards goals and ignore possible difficulties. Status, position of power and influence on other people are of great importance to them and indicate ambition. Career and work are so busy for people with this type of personality that they often replace hobbies and entertainment. Generals may not notice that they live in an intensive mode, which can later result in health problems.

Notable personalities of this type include:

  • Harrison ford
  • jim carrey
  • Mark Cuban
  • Steve Martin

People with this personality type are strict with themselves and do not tolerate mistakes. They are also critical and harsh about the incompetence of others. Other people accusations against themselves from the Commander can hurt. Their arguments sound clear and reasonable, as a result of which others perceive the Generals as too self-confident and arrogant. Low emotional sensitivity allows Warlords to directly and rudely point out mistakes and unproductiveness to others. For them, the result and efficiency is more important than the feelings of the interlocutor. They expect people to adjust and stop showing their own emotions. The desire for results and a promising vision prevent them from taking the position of another person and understanding his feelings. The commander should consciously work on the study of his emotional side,

Strengths of the ENTJ Commander

  • Leadership. Warlords have an outstanding ability to organize people and resources to achieve high results. Competently set tasks and lead to the implementation of the plans.
  • Strategy and vision of the new. People with this personality type are strategists who accurately anticipate events, quickly calculate and calculate the best ways to solve a particular problem. They easily create strategic plans that make it easier to achieve long-term goals.
  • Purposefulness and efficiency. Accepting a new challenge and achieving goals is the greatest satisfaction for the ENTJ Warlord. When others give up, Warlords continue to forge ahead and achieve impressive results through determination and willpower. The more difficult the task, the more interesting it is.
  • High status and intelligence. A broad outlook and high intelligence make the Commander competent and efficient. In their environment, they prefer to see the same educated people, aimed at success and results.
  • Strength of will. Strong will and striving for results allow them to always achieve their goals.

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